Two new game shows are offering the chance to win good cash prizes amid the pandemic.

Set to premiere a week apart on TV5 are The Wall Philippines (13 March with host Billy Crawford) and 1000 Heartbeats Pintig Pinoy (21 March, with Xian Lim).


The Wall Philippines is based on the original 2016 US game show The Wall co-created by basketball superstar LeBron James.

Players in pairs with close familiarity or are blood relatives face a four-story wall like in a pachinko game and answer multiple-choice questions. A correct answer gets a green ball while a wrong answer gets a red ball. Green adds to the total pot money while red deducts.

In a recent video conference, Crawford admitted that The Wall Philippines is by far the most unique game show he has encountered.

“Trust is the foundation of this game,” he pointed out.

He added that if he was to join the show as a contestant, he will choose his wife Coleen Garcia because “she is the most courageous person” he knows.

The show offers as much as P12 million in cash prizes.


“This can help our fellow Filipinos who are struggling to make ends meet,” Crawford said.

Likewise, Xian Lim said 1000 Heartbeats Pintig Pinoy, a franchise of a British daytime game show, can be an instrument to elevate the lives of Filipinos.

But aside from the prizes, Xian said his first game show project is quite interesting.

“The players each have 1,000 heartbeats. In limited time they will be answering questions. With the help of monitoring equipment, the players’ heart rates will be recorded. The game is over if they reach the 1,000-heartbeat-limit,” Xian explained.

He added that the way to win the game is to keep “cool under pressure.”

The Wall Philippines premieres on 13 March and 1000 Heartbeats Pintig Pinoy on 21 March both on TV5.

Originally published on Tribune.


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