Johnson, manhood, prick, pecker, phallus, and cock are some of the more popular slang terms used as substitutes for the penis. Reading in the king’s language, borders on the clinical and safe.

However, once you translate it into our mother language, giggles, and nervous laughter ensue. Discomfort and disbelief follow. Cheeks blush, with dagger looks thrown at the person who utters it as “tite.”

That is why, V-Roll Media Ventures in cooperation with Trifecta Brand Lab dares to address the taboo and in this day and age, many in the majority deem as vulgar with DickTalk, written by Benj Cruz Garcia and Ara Vicencio, with Phil Noble as director.

Delivering 20 minutes of monologues on stage are Gold Aceron as Gaylord Salvador, a teenager with a curved penis, Nil Nodalo as Rob Robles, a trans man, Mikoy Morales, the effeminate metrosexual, Archie Adamos as the seasoned daddy/papa, and Jake Cuenca as Peter North Tevez, the gifted porn star whose glory days are over.

The cast of ‘DickTalk’, standing are Mikoy Morales and Archie Adamos, seated center is Jake Cuenca, in front are Gold Aceron and Nil Nodalo

“More than it being fun and provocative, the monologues which the cast will deliver gives the audiences on the rites of passage and journey in life of different kinds of men,” begins director Noble as he talks about DickTalk.

“Ayoko siyang maging bastos at siguradong hindi ito bastos because what we will present is the peeling of one’s masculinity and sexuality, questioning the correlation of love and lust, the ups and downs of being a man, their curiosity, fascination, resentment, relationship with their penises and what sorts of feelings and vulnerability it gives them,” Noble affirms.

The effeminate metrosexual Cecil is GMA 7 star Morales, “The youngest in the family who grew up in a household of sisters and a doting mother. Because of his upbringing, he is sensitive, clean, always smelling good, mild-mannered, and knows how to take care of himself. Because he is not like the usual men we see, people box him as gay.  Even if he knows he is not.”

“Through Cecile, I hope we can start a conversation and a better appreciation of men who do not behave the way culture and society dictates,” he adds describing his character.

The award winning actor Aceron is Gaylord Salvador Jr., nicknamed JunJun, a teen aged-boy who discovers the magic and joy of masturbation, “Si JunJun kasi ay nasa kasibulan ng kanyang pagbibinata. Ito yung mga araw at panahon na magical ang pakiramdam mo habang ini-explore mo  ang mga nangyayari sa katawan mo, especially sa pagkakalaki mo.”

“First time ko to do a monologue kaya grabe ang kaba ko. I hope ‘pag pinanood nila at pinakinggan ito ma-ge-gets  nila bakit ito pinagdadaanan ng mga nagbibinata. Yung sa character ko kasi, baliko ang sa kanya kaya takan-taka siya bakit ganun?”

Cuenca on being the porn star whose glory days are over and done with says: “Peter North Tevez is the kind of man who feels na siya ay God’s gift to women at the fact na he is gifted, ipinagmamayabang niya yun. His being macho is so dated na hindi na bagay sa ngayon. Siya yung wham bang, thank you mam kind of man. Sex is a contact sport and a conquest for him. He faces a difficult time in his life with the fact na laos na siya and all that remains are memories and his enormous package.”

Cuenca goes on: “My character is OA ang toxic masculinity.  Perfect example of a male chauvinist pig. Proud siya of what he possess pero at the same time, he thinks it is a curse. Feeling niya kasi yung dick niya lang ang gusto sa kanya and every one sees him as just man meat in the market na ngayong sawa na ang lahat sa kanya, what happens now and next to him, he is clueless.”

Cuenca concludes: “I admit that one season of my life, all I did was follow the commands of my penis. But now, that person is a thing of the past. Life and love have made me wiser.”

DickTalk performances will have a limited run at the RCBC Theater on April 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, and 23. Tickets are available now at Ticketworld.

Originally published on Manila Standard.