Game show lovers will get to wear their thinking caps once again as TV5, in collaboration with APT Productions, launches the newest addition to its line-up of original shows, “Emojination.”

Premiering on TV5 today, May 14, at 5 p.m., the new game show combines the fun of using emojis with engaging ways of winning big prizes.

Emojination is the first game show of its kind, challenging celebrity contestants to decipher emoji puzzles and answer questions related to them.

Hosted by award-winning actress, Her ‘Emojesty’ Maja Salvador, and Gen-Z rising artist, ‘Fezfriend’ Awra Briguela, the show’s unique format is guaranteed to keep audiences entertained and on the edge of their seats.

The game show revolves around the use of emojis in three rounds, with two players on each opposing team. In the first round, called “Pic-Per-Word,” contestants are shown four emojis that describe a mystery word and they need to decipher the word to beat their opponents.

For the second round, called “Sabi Swabe,” players must identify famous lines or phrases (presented through emojis) to get to the next round.

Third round gets physical with “A Pair to Remember” where each team will have a flip board with 20 emoji blocks flipped backwards and the players need to run through an obstacle to get to their respective boards and flip the blocks to find the matching pair of emojis.

The team with the most “Emoticoins” will proceed to the Jackpot round called, “Match Magaling” where the pairs’ teamwork will be more challenged as they try to get the five mystery compound words in three minutes. If the players successfully complete this round, they will be given a chance to bring home the jackpot prize worth P50,000.

“Emojination is a fun and exciting game show that brings the universal language of emojis to life,” said TV5 President and CEO Guido Zaballero. “We are thrilled to offer this innovative new show to our viewers and we look forward to the excitement and laughter it brings to every Filipino home every weekend.”

Originally published on The Manila Times.